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Sam Ali

Keweenaw Bureau Reporter

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Sam Ali, born in Detroit, MI, raised in Dearborn, MI, is ABC 10’s Keweenaw Bureau reporter. A self-described “late bloomer” in discovering an interest in broadcasting, he didn’t get the itch for broadcast journalism until late in his academic career. Sam attended Fordson High School, the first million dollar high school in the U.S. and studied at Wayne State University. He went through many majors, including business administration and a brief stint as a Pre-Law student. Even though he excelled in the classroom, the material didn’t interest him. One day during a debate class, Sam’s professor recognized his writing skills and readiness to speak in front of a crowd, and advised him to try his hand at broadcasting. Sam found his niche and never looked back. He says, “It was the best decision I ever made.”

After college, Sam gained experience with several radio stations, where he learned to get noticed. He jumped at any opportunity to load the speakers in the station vehicle or organize the prize closet. Sam wanted everyone in the station to know his name. “Otherwise,” he said, “it would be like I was never there,” a lesson embedded in him since his childhood, growing up with eight siblings. He quickly learned that nothing will ever be handed to him. From an early age, Sam’s father instilled in him a strong work ethic and encouraged him to always strive to be better than ‘just good enough’. Sam says he is grateful his parents showed him how the real world is, stating, “I am not who I am today without them.”

Today, Sam enjoys interviewing notable people in the community because he feels it’s important to facilitate their relationship with public. “Neither side may ever meet each other in person, but I can make that relationship as close as it can possibly be.” He would love to have one-on-one interview with President Barack Obama, and ask him about his clashes with right-wing politicians and his feelings about the struggling middle class.

In the near future Sam hopes to be a lead anchor or reporter either in the U.P. or anywhere in the U.S. His dream job would be to be a correspondent on Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show’. Sam’s favorite news personalities are Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. He is fascinated with their ability to comically mimic an audience’s reaction of the news, highlighting sensationalism, and exposing contradictory statements.

His other dream job- a sports anchor on ESPN Sports Center. Sam’s favorite thing to do outside of work is watch sports. He is a huge fan of all the Detroit sports teams except the Lions, as his fandom in the NFL belongs to the Minnesota Vikings. He will admit that it’s strange since he holds no affiliation to Minnesota, but he decided at a young age Minnesota was his team, and it stuck. Sports would be a huge part of Sam’s ‘ultimate fantasy interview’ and if he were granted only one sports interview, he would choose Muhammad Ali. Sam would love to know how the iconic athlete came to be so confident in himself despite so much opposition.

Sam is married with two children, and says, “They can be a headache sometimes but when I need a smile, they always deliver.”