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Andy Kulie is a photojournalist for the Upper Peninsula’s ABC 10 with roots in Negaunee as the progeny of several generations of Upper Peninsula residents. He graduated from Michigan Technological University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing Concentration in 2006.

His interest in broadcast journalism extends back to the early nineties. Every night, Andy and his grandfather would watch the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. From an early age he identified news reporting with Rather’s serious yet engaging demeanor. To this day, Andy says he subconsciously compares modern media to Dan Rather’s work in the late eighties and early nineties. A Radio / TV Media class in middle school, taught by one of Andy’s favorite and most influential teachers, grew his interest in technology beyond simple curiosity into true application. The class exposed him to news anchoring, filming, interviewing, and editing.

One of his first times being on television was for High School Bowl during his senior year in high school. His team, despite hours of study, was unable to pass the first round. As the team captain, Andy was the one with the unfortunate task of delivering the wrong answer on the air, but the team took it in stride and enjoyed their short time in the spotlight.

At MTU, Andy studied a variety of subjects beyond his main coursework, from Sound Design to Computer Information Systems. He was a DJ on WMTU FM, where he ran a variety of shows. He learned a lot about producing an entertaining radio show, selecting the best music to writing interesting commentary to please his listeners. Andy also played guitar in the Michigan Tech R&D Jazz Band, where he learned to adapt to performing in a live environment.

After college, Andy worked as team leader at an automotive engineering firm for four years. His time there allowed him to work with incredibly talented people on complex projects, and taught him the true value of teamwork, accuracy, and timeliness. Andy was mentored by some of the finest engineers in the business on both the technical aspects and the sociological aspects of working in an agile, fast-paced, team-oriented environment.

Andy enjoys covering community events because he has so often been on the other side of the camera for such events; having volunteered in community theater for the past six years. Andy has gained a deep appreciation for the amazing amount of talent and hard work that goes into producing any community event. “These types of events are produced by some of the most passionate, hard-working people who are using their gifts to bring a little more sunshine to our local communities.”

For the past six years, Andy has been an active volunteer at the Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council in Negaunee, where he participates in numerous community arts events, acting, directing and promoting stage productions. His experience has solidified his ideals of collaboration and hard work. “Working together with a talented group of people, you can create something amazing from just an idea, and that is something of which I love to be a part.” Working in theater has taught Andy how to think on his feet. “When you forget your lines on stage, it’s sink or swim,” said Andy, “and it’s truly art when you can keep on swimming without anyone noticing that you’re gasping for air.”

If he could have an hour of worldwide television coverage, it would be something relating to his greatest passions in life- music. One person Andy would most like to interview is the late Frank Zappa, as he’s always been fascinated by his ideas about musical composition and the meaning of music in our society.

Family has been an incredible influencer for Kulie. Growing up as a member of a large family with many relatives throughout the area allowed him to have exposure to the variety and beauty of the Upper Peninsula and the people within it. He enjoys finding new and interesting paths in life, and following them to their farthest extent. Andy likes to keep things interesting with new and different life experiences. He hopes to find more and more new things as he grows older. The part Andy loves most about his position at the Upper Peninsula’s ABC 10 is the opportunity to meet interesting people doing interesting things. “I get to have a lot of fun experiences in the community that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to participate in otherwise.”